MaaFresh and its team always emphasize adherence to the highest standards of quality. Our highly skilled team featuring some of the best minds in the industry handle our operations. Moreover, our processes utilize the most advanced technology we adhere to Approved Manufacturing Practices with good traceability of products and raw materials. The winning points of MaaFresh also include its integration of modern technology, manufacturing flexibility and product consistency. Our product range is wide and encompasses the finest selection of fruits. The foremost aspects of our quality standards are

  • MaaFresh believes that the quality of our products is firm and uncompromising commitment of our company. Hence we always ensure the best.
  • Quality is not a one-time affair for us. We stringently monitor our processes from the initial stage of procurement of raw materials to final stage of packing & storing.
  • MaaFresh and its staff ensure that international standards of quality, hygiene as well as consistency are always maintained.
  • All our products conform to the highest standards of certification in India such as FSSAI and FDA. Our customers and consumers can be assured that they are purchasing the products of a reputed company.
  • We make our products undergo quality tests at each and every stage to ensure that nothing is overlooked. MaaFresh has trained and certified subject matter experts for this purpose.
  • MaaFresh greatly values the trust that customers have placed on us. Hence we will provide the authority to inspect our product before shipment. MaaFresh has always followed a customer-first approach.
  • We continuously ensure the strict implementations of Hygiene, Sanitation and other concerned food safety norms in our plant & process channels. Internationally accepted quality tests are utilized for this.
  • MaaFresh constantly believes in innovations and improvisations. Hence we continuously conduct research on development of New Products, their Tastes and their methods of Packaging.
  • Detailed objectives of different departments are also defined to analyse our products on regular bases. These objectives are well documented for references and thus MaaFresh ensures that nothing deviates from our planned strategies.
  • Raw materials are carefully picked from up farms and made to undergo cleansing processes. After the stages of purification, quality checking and packaging, our final products are hygienically stored in our warehouse at an ambient temperature and transported efficiently till final destination.